Tuesday, 26 August 2014

An Introduction

Hello and welcome to what will be what you could call my developer diary or blog!

At the current time of this post, I am a student at the University of Malta who is pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree. However my career choice goes into Game Development, which I plan to pursue a Masters in Digital Games after my degree. In the mean time however, I am practicing game development and hope to begin constructing a portfolio for my masters!

More on myself, I am a 19 year old and I have an interest as in terms of Project Management, Game Design, Story Writing, 3D Modelling and a number of other aspects. My weakness in this regard is my lack of expertise in programming. Whilst I have learned some programming in the past, it is far from the level I would like it to be.

My past as a gamer began back when I was very young with games such as Doom 2, Starcraft 1, Dune, Command and Conquer and a number of other fantastic titles and franchises. My interest in game development began when I was around the age of 11 to 13. The notion of being able to create a game that can provide a rich story and fun experience began to become more and more attractive to me.

My viewpoint on games is that games are a unique art form. They encompass Art, Literature, Music and gaming's own unique aspect, interaction. Games can serve to teach just as much as it would entertain, and having the ability to tell a story and involve the player in that story, is simply an amazing notion in my eyes. The wonders of games is that it doesn't take anyone with a deep understanding of art or literature to understand or feel the message that a game may be trying to deliver. Enough of that for now, as I tend to drag on when it comes to why I think games are or can be such an amazing aspect of our lives.

More on the blog! This blog will serve as both a motivator and means for me to keep track of my progress throughout the years. I will be posting on things such as projects I am currently working on, the thinking process as to why I chose the engine or software that I did, what I learned and what I'm hoping to learn and more. Hopefully this will strike the interest of a number of individuals such as those wanting to get into Game Development, but haven't the clue as to where, or perhaps even to those who are currently learning game development and wish to see if others are experiencing what they are, or want to look at it from a different perspective. Regardless I hope to reach as many aspiring game developers and gamers alike, and hope my experience, ideas and opinions may serve to assist those who wish to pursue game development as a career. As well as perhaps be entertaining to those who wish to see someone who is working his way into game development, perhaps someone who isn't necessarily studying Computing or Creative Computing.

I look forward to bring you further posts and hope you join me and stay with me on this journey!
Feel free to provide feedback to help me improve on the content I bring to you :)
Coming up; I will be speaking of my first project and my choice of Game Engine 'RPG Maker Vx Ace'

See you all then!

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