About This Blog and the Author

About the Author

Name: Dylan Moon
Interests: Game Design, Game Art, Entrepreneurship
Background: University of Malta Commerce Student, University of Malta Masters in Digital Games Student, Self-Taught and Still Learning Game Development Skills [Including Sprite Art, Game Design, Coding]

About the Blog

I started this blog with people who are still looking into getting into the Games Industry but have yet to make the first step or are not sure how. This blog is my journey and reflection on what I learn and practice to realise my dream of becoming not only a successful Game Developer but also making a difference through games and move forward in my entrepreneurial dream.

If you are still starting off game development and want someone to see taking the journey as well - this very well may be a blog you will enjoy. I post about a number of other topics which I find related to more personal elements such as Productivity which individuals that are more interested into my entrepreneurship journey and reflections may find more of interest.

Major Focus Topics: Game Design and Game Development, Game Art and Coding, Entrepreneurship and Game Applications

Other Focus Topics: Personal Development

Post Schedule 

Posts are published on Tuesdays, every two weeks.

To Keep Up To Date 

I post announcements when new posts are being published on a page for this blog - so if you want to keep up to date of a new entry or to show support - feel free to like the Facebook page !