Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Focusing on Yourself

Hello everyone,

Today I just wanted to post regarding something that has become more or less the philosophy I am working and pushing with. I've had a number of people who also are interested in either starting a company or simply have something they want to do - a dream if you will. We tend to always hit off when discussing that subject and people have always brought forward the points as to why they should reconsider their options. My response tended to be always similar - if not in exact terms; similar in meaning; "There will always be a reason for you  to not do what you dream about and want to do. Even if your doing something that will be incredibly beneficial to people - you will still have those who will see to it that they don't encourage you to do it."

When I began my full pursuit of achieving my dreams - I focused on the single constant throughout my entire life. Myself - whether it was good times or bad times, whether I was doing great or not doing great - I was always the consistent element. Building a solid foundation within yourself is the first step to achieving what you want to achieve. You believing in that dream and pushing towards achieving that dream is what you need - everyone else is a bonus.

I have people in my life that support and push me forward when times get hard - and without them things would be so much harder. What you need to understand though is that they can't hear what you tell yourself in your mind when things get hard. If as soon as you get some resistance you decide to stop thinking about your dream - chances are you'll abandon it. If you make sure that you keep pushing towards your goals - that's the first step to making sure they get done. As Confucious once said; "It does not matter how slow you go - as long as you don't stop." Leave the discouragement to what people will tell you - you don't need to discourage yourself. Be strategic - plan your way to your goal, see what skills and characteristics you need to achieve it and work on that. Build the foundation upon which your dreams will be built.

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