Tuesday, 24 October 2017

A Shift in Scheduling

Hello everyone,

I've been reviewing a few of the posts as well as the type of content I am able to put out - and have decided to shift the scheduling to every two weeks rather than every week. This is due to two reasons primarily. 

Firstly - having starting on my Dissertation, I have been spending far more time reading through books and research papers. This might give a lot of topics to potentially write about - however, often times a single post can hardly do it justice. That being said - a post every two weeks does potentially allow for a better quality post on these topics, and it also gives me more time to research the topic before writing about it. 

Secondly - connected to the Dissertation, I have been forced to lower the amount of work I dedicate to game-development related projects. As I am spending most of my mental resources and time on the dissertation; it makes it allows less time, and more importantly less highly focused time, to work on projects such as Foundation of Civilisation. I will still be working on the project - however it will have to take the sidelines for a while as the primary focus is on the dissertation.

Something I have been planning and thinking about for a while was to potentially create a website which can host assets, games and potentially these posts of mine. This has been my plan for a long while - however, I chose to start with this blog to help essentially 'practice' and figure out how to actually make it be of a certain standard and quality. Having a post every two weeks does help contribute to this point - as it allows me to hopefully give more time to each post, and raise the quality itself. I will be continuing to look into this in my free time the coming weeks.

Until next time,

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