Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A Pen and Paper Adventure

Hey everyone,

So as you may know from my previous post, this month I've been working on my programming. I am on track with that - on the side however, I also began scribbling and thinking of a new idea for a side project. It is a board game that takes inspiration from games such as Dungeons and Dragons - however it takes a more simple approach to it's game play. I began doodling ideas and scribbling notes whilst I was playing, reading and looking at videos - what started off as a small little sketch or doodle grew into a small project. I wanted the adventure you would find in an RPG - in board game form to play with a few friends of mine when they are over. At the same time I wanted a competitive element - inspired by a few of our magic the gathering games.

I wanted to keep it simple - so that way we can jump in and have a fun time. At the same time I wanted to make sure that if we wanted to get someone new to join in - they don't have to go through learning a large amount of material only to discover the game isn't for them. I wanted it to be simple, fun and offer an RPG-like experience that can be as short - or as long as the players playing want it to be. With that in mind - I continued doodling and coming up with ways to do this. I am well on the way to testing out the first iteration of the game I nicknamed Project Blade for the sake of me just saying "my board game project" - very original right?

Paper Adventure Doodle Page
Doodle Page

So what I did to decide on how simple or complicated the game should be - I tried to make sure that everything about the game has to fit on a single page. At the very least for the major components of the game. This seemed to work out well - on paper. Scribbling and such helped me visualise how the game might tie together and how the various mechanics would interact. I have a number of other sheets that describe the actual content of the game; creatures, abilities, weapons and so on. I will describe the game later on once I have gone through a few iteration cycles to see what works, what doesn't, what needs to be adjusted and what seems to work very well.

I look forward to bringing you more on this down the line!
Until then,

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