Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Pixel Art 6: Character States Improvement

Hello everyone,

So today I wanted to show you some more work I've done on pixel art - more specifically character states. I am quite pleased with the turn out - but there is much more to improve on. I used one of my older characters - bringing them more to live with different states!

Character Idle State
Idle State

The character that I chose is the above - which displays him in his 'Idle' state. Basically when he is simply standing without the player's input. Next up is the movement state;

Character Walking State
Movement State

I chose to start off with 5 frames. After I run a few tests in-game to see how it runs I will modify it and possibly add more frames if I think it would help in making the animation smoother. Overall I like how it turned out! Next we have the jumping and falling states;
Character Jumping and Falling State
Jumping and Falling

Some aspects I feel like could use some improvements is the sword - perhaps even adding a small bend to the waste to make the character feel more flexible. However overall - it turned out rather nicely. Next is a ledge grabbing state - the reason for this state is because in the game I will be testing this character in - the character will be able to grab onto ledges to climb!

Character Ledge Grabbing State
Ledge Grab

Similar to the jumping state - I decided to bring the foot a bit forward to show the character holding onto the wall. I felt like bring the sword in as well helped with this. Finally - this isn't a state per se; it is an attack the character will be able to use.

Character Orb Attack

I feel like that these were definitely an improvement over my last attempt at creating different animation states. The character feels more natural and looks far far better performing these actions than my previous attempt! I can't wait to see these in-game and see how they turn out after a few tweaks and improvements!

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