Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Game Maker Progress 3: Platformer Progress and more

Hello everyone,

So today I wanted to show you some things I've been working on. Particularly the platformer I mentioned last time! I've made a fair bit of progress - needless to say I still have a list of things that need to be done however.

Sky High In-Game

As many of you know by now I have been following some courses and tutorials of for example Heartbeast Studio and RM2KDev among others. All of which are very insightful and a joy to follow - however just like ICON which was based on a tutorial by Heartbeast Studios I wasn't content in just following - which is why I added features such as selecting weapons, ammo, different power up, scaling difficulty and my own personal art assets. This project is not any different.

One of the things not immediately evident in the screen shot about is the tiling - which I am rather fond of. Not the art of it mind you - but the way it is set up in code is that the tile detects it's position and changes it's sprite accordingly! Simple I know - but you can imagine for someone who just did it the first time; I was rather happy to say the least! To show you what I mean exactly - have a look at the below image.

Sky High In-Game Tiles

The tiles with the dirt ontop are one object, the marble stone tiles are another object. As you can see above - they detect if there is a tile next to them or above them and change their sprite accordingly. This has no effect on gameplay needless to say but is rather convenient when designing levels. The system is far from perfect (you can see that the tile I'm standing on is actually not fitting perfectly - that is because I haven't created a sprite and told it to check if there is a tile to the left or right and adjust to something). You can see it in the individual blocks as well on the top - they don't fit very well on their own - but that is easily amendable I just need to create an individual block that fits by itself!

Outside of that, I added a glow on the orb of the player's sprite - that goes for all his movement and jumping sprites as well. I also animated his idle state so now he doesn't just stand still when the player doesn't move.

The other thing I wanted to show you was a small work in progress of a tutorial I am following by RM2KDev - I am keeping what I do very different from the tutorial however - I mostly use it to guide me. In terms of graphics and at times even the code itself - I tend to try to follow my own way so I can experiment; if I get stuck or it's something completely new I haven't touched upon much yet - then I follow the tutorial.

Sword and Staves Preview

I am trying to keep the graphics simplistic - for a number of reasons. For one I want to work more on the platformer - and another I wanted to explore a much more simpler style of pixel art. I am rather fond of how it is currently turning out and I am excited to see how it develops further as I go!

Until next time,

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