Monday, 18 April 2016

Game Maker Progress 4: Traps and Guards

Hello everyone,

I made a fair amount of progress on the platformer I nicknamed Sky High. I managed to add a modification to the collision system that allowed me to create trapdoors and make the horizontal moving platforms function right (Before the character wouldn't match the movement of the platform and fall off).

Sky High; Sky Golem, Trapdoor, Crush Trap, and Archer

As you can see in the top image - starting from the left; we have a sky golem which is an enemy that activates when your nearby and patrols left to right. Next up we have a trap door that opens up and drops the player below if their not paying attention. Next we have a crushing trap that will fall onto the player when they pass underneath it - currently I am toying with a way to make it so it makes sure your underneath it and not below some other tile as you can see in the image. Finally is an archer - who is a stationary enemy and shoots arrows at the player.

I am quite fond of the archer! Reason being is his animation come out very nicely on the very first go - which I felt quite proud of. Needless to say I can improve it further - but it's nice to see the higher quality from my previous sprites and animation!

Archer Attack Animations
Archer Reload Animations
Archer Idle Animations

These are the animation frames I made for the archer - the top being his attack animation, middle reload and bottom idle.

Sky High Tiles

I have also added the single tiles that we talked about last week! Those definitely look much better than they did before. I made a few different grass tiles as well - this way; the grass tiles in the middle (as shown in the bottom left set) will be random. By random I mean they will have different vines coming down the side and such. This opens up a lot of ways I can make the terrain actually change and be different throughout - the best part is that it's easy to scale, so I can add and remove tiles with little worry that the code won't work right!

Sky High Crates

Finally I added a few destructible crates - with some place holder graphics which I do want to find a more fitting style eventually. When destroy they do brake into a small effect of broken wood - which I am looking to improve because as of yet it's simple but it gets the job done for now.

I'm excited to show you all how this project continues to evolve - I am definitely learning quite a lot from it on using Game Maker and it's coding language! I really like how this project is coming along and I look forward to bringing you more updates on it!

Until next time,

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