Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Game Maker Progress 22: Dawn of Civilization Plan and Progress

Hello everyone,

I have made a fair amount of progress on the project I am currently working on! Based on the plan I have drawn out for myself to ensure I reach the deadline at mid-January - I seem to be a bit ahead of schedule.

The game itself is proceeding very well! Up to this point I have the map generator working to a degree I am pleased with - even though I know I can add better improvements to it. To keep to schedule I will need to leave this for a later date however. 

The game itself will have the player's settlement split into Districts; starting with a central district as shown in the above map. Other districts; such as a residential district, will allow the player to further grow their population - assuming they can fill the food requirements. 

Up to this point; the functionality for Food Consumption, Housing Requirements, Population Calculation and basic expansion is in place. However this is only a fraction of the systems needed to be put in place. Much of the above mentioned tasks split into a number of other smaller tasks that make up the element as a whole.

Certain components - such as Research may very well be put on the side for a date after the deadline. Regardless I look forward to bring you further update on this project!

Until next time,

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