Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Game Maker Progress 23: Dawn of Civilization - Farm Functionality

Hello everyone,

The last week has been rather busy - I did manage to get some work done on Dawn of Civilization however. It was mostly a case of modifying a few existing pieces of code to allow for the consumption of foods [previously it was simply 'crops'].

I also implemented the ability to change what a farm produces. Whilst a minor element - the code itself can easily be modified to account for other types of resources - such as ore from mines and stone from quarries. I have also modified the graphics - I admit I am not proud of it per se and I will be modifying it later on most likely; however for the time being whilst the project is still being heavily developed in it's basic components - I do not consider the visual component to be a high priority. The UI is another matter - I will be focusing more and more on making sure the UI is well-organised and placed as I get a better idea of what needs to be shown when and where; as well as what will be available in a seperate menu. 

I hope to have something testable by next week. Up to this point I will be adding the population growth component, the ability to set workers on work-posts, efficiency of work-posts and work-posts being affected by the tiles they occupy. Progress has been a little bit slow as I had to divert my attention to some other tasks required by my masters programme. I will be looking into the concept of 'Emergence' in games - something I hope will be both interesting and useful to learn about and explore.

Until next time,

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