Sunday, 8 January 2017

Game Maker Progress 28: Project Testing

Hello everyone,

It has been a fairly busy last couple of days - but a concept version of Dawn of Civilisation is ready for testing! 

The project is far from anything near completion - however it has reached a very good stage for testing! This has been possibly one of the most insightful works I have embarked on. It is astounding as to the amount of work towards managing data within the game needs to be done to make sure everything works out right. 

Most likely - after a few tests and adjustments, I will be jumping to planning towards what comes next. Most likely working towards making a different version of the game - to continue to develop and progress the concept forward. I have a lot of plans and ideas I want to implement - so there is much to be done! However, I need to work on other projects at the moment for my Masters programme. 

Until next time,

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