Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Game Maker Progress 27: Game Set-Up, Saving and Loading

Hello everyone!

This past week has been rather productive - coming near to a deadline I've set-up with regards to testing the project and such - I have managed to implement the Game Set-Up system as well as the ability to save and load progress for the most part. I still need to do some more touching up on the saving and loading systems however - the map, together with all the data of the game pieces are saved - and I simply need to make sure there isn't any other variables that need to be saved that exist in the Game State manager rather than game pieces.

The final touches that need to be done before I can officially put a pause on the project for testing - I need to implement an objectives system that will help guide players as they get started, as well as graphical and UI touches. 

It is likely that I will be transitioning the project onto Game Maker Studio 2 some-time near the end of January - however I still need to plan what I want to get done and where I want this project to go before then. 

Until next time,

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