Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Game Maker Progress 34: Resource Costs

Hello everyone,

The final pieces of functionality that deal with construction is more or less nearly dealt with!

Now the cost of the structures will be shown below the build icon itself - with in-sufficient resources being marked with red text at the moment! In addition to this, modifying the cost of structures is less 'inconvenient' in a way than it was for the concept build, having centralised all the cost-related elements of structures in a script for easy adjustment!

The last task left at hand related to construction is the resource HUD. Unlike the concept build, I plan on having 'Resource Track Slots' at can be seen in the screenshot above. These would be able to track any resource that the player selects. Moreover, the player can pick from a few pre-set selections of resources such as Food, Construction Material etc. I hope that this will help ensure the player have the information they require more readily at hand when making decisions during game-play.

Once this is complete, I will decide what to move onto next; most likely the elements involving the population, work-post functionality or district functionality!

Until next time,

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