Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Game Maker Progress 36: Resource Sets

Hello everyone,

So the last update I had that talked directly about Foundation of Civilisation itself - I was still trying to get the Resource Trackers going. I have finally managed to get this taken care of - it turns out I had a small issue with the code that was causing the buttons to stack in a particular spot - it turns out I forgot to put in the break; command in a switch function. Oops...

The resource track slots - which refers to each individual one of those white squares that displays information on a given resource - can be set to show other resources. The idea I have is to allow the player to set which ever resource to track by clicking on the slot and switching it. An alternative is to have pre-set options - Resource Sets - such as food. 

By selecting a Resource Set - the track slots switch to that particular set of resources - similar to what can be seen above. The next step is to have a few more pre-sets set up and make some adjustments to the track slots to remove the background image of previous resources - then it's moving onto a new category of tasks!

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