Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Game Maker Progress 10: Small Fixes and Additions

Hello everyone,

The past couple of weeks have been slow - due to exams. However I made some additions and fixes which were simple so I at least got some work done plus it was a nice relaxation from the examination studying! 

One of the basic elements I made was the framework to build a main-menu. Up to this point I simply launched the project directly to the in-game screen. Having a framework to work with - I will be able to create a better main-menu once it gets to the point where it is needed! 

Immediately apparent is that I changed the graphics; these are still place-holders but I simply had gotten a bit tired at looking at the full-colour box - this was a slightly welcome change. Besides that - there are at least 2 other objects on the map now - a crate looking object and a door (The object above the player was only to signify an entrance). The crate was a place-holder for the generation of loot or chests. The door on the other hand would be the exit of the dungeon. I mostly added these so I could try to see how I would work them into the actual room generation - so currently they don't actually do anything.

If you look closely underneath the player avatar - you can also see a pickaxe icon on the wall; that indicates that you are able to dig through a wall (you cannot dig through the border wall however). This fixed a number of issues in terms of how the RRG generates - however it does mean I may need to get more creative in how to add to the exploration of the dungeon itself! Digging through a wall does take 2 movement points (plus 1 because you stay where you are whilst you dig) so there is a possibility to find ways to incentivise the player to be faster in clearing dungeons - but I will explore that realm later on.

Enemies also have a marker on them now - with the above image you are more able to see the 3 different markers for the movement! Once I get back into the full swing of things - I will start working most likely first on the equipment system. Whilst I do have a way of collecting and storing items - right now you can't actually equip them!

Until next time,

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