Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Game Maker Progress 8: Combat Engagement

Hello everyone,

I've added a fairly basic combat interaction between the player and enemy avatars. One thing you might realise from the engagement screen as I've called it; is that you are actually in control of an army or group - not simply a character. I wasn't particularly keen on simply making a dungeon-crawler or RPG as been often done with a single character. Whilst technically - yes you will be in control of a single avatar character - all the systems will function as though you are in control of a larger force - as will the enemy! 

In-game Engagement Screen

I am hoping this will make a more interesting take on the game itself - plus I felt inspired and motivated to take this approach as I find it more exciting to try out new ideas than I do simply copying what's been done. This gave me some freedom to build systems in a way that interact differently - in terms of combat and equipment, but more on that later on! The engagement screen is essentially combat currently - it is very simple for now, if you want to attack you simply click engage and combat is done automatically. Later on I hope to add more control over what you are able to do in the battle - something like formations, tactics and terrain advantages, however needless to say those are ideas which I still need to build upon! 

However the system did show promise in how I structure the stats for both the player and the enemy - this meant I could keep working and building on that aspect and see where the tide takes us so to speak! This addition definitely thrilled me - regardless of how simple the system is. The game itself is starting to show form - going from idea to concept to proof-of-concept and eventually to what I hope will be a full game! I look forward to bringing you more details next time! 

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