Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Book Recommendation: Game Design Workshop by Tracy Fullerton

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I wanted to tell you about a book I had read a couple of weeks ago after having had the time to reflect on the material present within the book. If you are someone who enjoys not only reading about the various concepts, tools and ideas surrounding game design but also enjoys delving into stories by individuals within the field, then you are in for a treat.

Game Design Workshop Cover
Game Design Workshop by Tracy Fullerton

One of the highlights for me personally within Game Design Workshop is the sheer amount of stories and opinions brought forward by the author through what seems to be interviews near the end of each section or within the section itself. As each individual not only talk about their entrance into the industry - but also their approach to various concepts such as prototyping and the design process. 

The book also offers 'exercises' throughout the various chapters of the book as the author guides the reader through design thinking towards actually getting your game out into the industry! If you are a complete beginner - this book is definitely a very good place to start out in learning how Game Design plays it's part within game development!  If you are already fairly knowledgeable within the field - the various small sections of insights from various other game designers may still be interesting and have information that you may find useful!

This is a book I highly recommend for individuals looking to begin delving into the field of Game Design. The author explains the various concepts and ideas very well - and the insights from other game designers within the field is both a nice change of pace as you read and a new perspective on game design which is a welcomed element in my eyes!

I hope you find this information useful if you are looking for a book on game design or you are considering to purchase this particular book!

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