Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Historical Inspiration

Hello everyone,

I wanted to talk about something which really struck me during the past week. I've been visiting a fair amount of Museums in my home-country of Malta - ranging from historical armouries to archaeology and war museums. I always did enjoy museums - particularly ones that touch on military and history of a nation. However - I never really went a head and visited a large number of places outside of a school field trip when I was younger. 

I realised that I have a new-found appreciation for these historical places - particularly as I learn about Game Design and World Design. Throughout my visits I would consistently picture how a society would develop and grow from small beginnings to becoming a fully-fledged nation. When I visited the Palace Armoury - I saw a wider selection of armours and details which before I only saw with pictures. Seeing the real item however - you realise that there is more to item itself. Seeing different types of armours - such as Siege Armour which I was previously partially unaware of - gave me not only ideas of how fantasy armours would work but also what would even make sense.

Visiting the National Museum of Archaeology - I got a better appreciation of how a society develops within a region - starting from very small groups to eventually founding settlements and engaging in trade. Understanding the connection between culture and the development of these settlements was also an intriguing element. These are only two Museums - and them alone gave me inspiration and ideas for how to formulate my own worlds and designs! 

Many museums needless to say - do require an entrance fee - however if you are a student you can often receive a discounted price. More over - you may be able to purchase a bundle of tickets for a much lower price point! 

This is something worth considering when you want more inspiration for your own creations. Looking at history - especially visiting Museums - I find is something that really helps me to improve my ideas and designs. Particularly if you feel like your having a type of creative block - perhaps looking through history and seeing the stories of the past will help you tackle that creative block!

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