Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Game Maker Progress 16: Improving the Hub Area

Hello everyone,

The last couple of weeks have been fairly busy - I've decided to start working more on deciding how the hub area should look! 

Hub Area

The hub area will act as the player's base of operations. From here - the player can send recruiters to bring new troops, sell and buy equipment and review their archives which have lore and collectables. This will also be where the player can purchase upgrades to improve their forces - as well as the camp itself. 

Needless to say; the player will be spending and visiting the hub a fair amount - which means making it easy to use and pleasant to look at would definitely be a plus. As shown by the above image - there are only 3 structures that have a rough sketch prepared. The fences will represent the 'Venture to a dungeon' feature - that will allow the player to go on an expedition to a dungeon. Above it we have the store and to the left of that is the archives. 

Eventually - aside from adding structures for the Armoury and the Training Post - I would also wish to add a few decorative features - perhaps a well in the centre of the camp for example and crates storage. Small details that help bring the camp to life! I am also considering adding for example soldiers patrolling around - however I will see to that when I get to it!

Until next time,

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