Thursday, 29 December 2016

Game Maker Progress 26: Dawn of Civilisation Parameter Tuning

Hello everyone,

This week I began working I've beginning to finalise a small working prototype of Dawn of Civilisation. By that point - I've begun tuning the prototype's numbers rather than implementing new systems and features.

In a process like this - having a spreadsheet software is definitely very useful. I have been looking into Machinations to help simulate economic information within games. However for this project I'm sticking with using spreadsheets - perhaps I will use machinations later on down the line. 

Once some of the parameters have been set up in a reasonable manner. I just need to add the weather and seasons system to help provide the game with some element of planning required. Finally - I was thinking on adding a few basic journal / guidelines / objectives for players to reach. This may be helpful since the game has no set aim or goal as of yet!

Until next time,

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