Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Game Maker Progress 30: Map Generator Re-built

Hello everyone,

Progress on the new map generator for Foundation of Civilisation is progressing nicely. The new generator uses a different tiles [or rather two types of tiles] to create maps - the sprite sizes have also been increased to allow for better functionality!

The generator works in a simple fashion; a central hexagon tile is spawned, which spawns squares at the top, bottom, left and right of the tile. The square tile then spawns a hexagon, and so on until a map is formed. 

Biomes are operated in a similar fashion to the old generator currently - depending on the sizes of the biome, tiles have a chance to spread their biome to a new tile; otherwise they are assigned a new tile. Certain tiles (such as forests) have a greater chance that if the next tile is not the same, it will become a grasslands biome. This is not necessarily staying as it is - but it does allow me to have extra functionality already built into the generator to use when ready!

I have a few ideas for the square tiles - they can be used to spawn certain special resources or special biomes later on. The idea for adding square tiles with the hexagon tiles came to me whilst trying to figure out what tiles to use for the generator. After trying the hexagon and seeing how those tiles connected - I decided to try to fill the spawn between the hexagons with another type of tile. This was either a square or a triangle, I went with square as it was more simple and I had a good idea of how it would fit into the design of the game later on.

I look forward to bringing you more on this later on!
Until next time,

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