Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Tile-Thursday 1: 16x16 Desert Tileset Progress 1

Hello everyone,

I have noticed that a lot of the posts I have been writing on Tuesdays have been involving Game Maker primarily; which is to be expected as I progress on projects. That being said - I do not wish to neglect other types of posts - as well as my other skill-sets; such as pixel art. These posts will likely be short - focusing primarily on the tiles themselves.

I have decided to start posting on Thursdays something I nicknamed Tile-Thursday. Every day, I will be working on creating at a minimum 1 tile. That 1 tile will form part of a major tile-set I will be working on for a while. Whether I decide to change tile-sets every month or a few months I have yet to decide on. However, the style will needless to say, need to be consistent whilst I am working on a particular tile-set. These tile-sets may be used in future projects, or I will simply have them on hand for prototyping. The intention here is to practice pixel art, even if I am currently not working with pixel art.

The first tile-set I decided to work on is a 16 x 16 pixel Desert tile-set. 

Up to this point I finished up a few basic floor tiles - however moving forward I have a few ideas on what I want to add - including elevating terrain, ruins, and natural features such as sand piles, and rocks! 

Until next time,

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