Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Game Maker Progress 31: Map-Style Art Style

Hello everyone,

Work on Foundation of Civilisation is progressing nicely. I am taking time to plan out the game-play further before I head into coding it in; in the mean time I decided to test out a few graphical ideas I had! The style I had in mind was to go more towards a hand-drawn map style as a test. 

Districts and Work-Posts would be represented as shown above; giving the game a more hand-drawn style. I will most likely move towards having a more parchment-like graphic for the tiles themselves to fit this style - if I decide to go forward with it.

In terms of the game-play itself - currently I have been using mind-maps to try to determine how I want to take the game forward in it's design. More specifically - I listed the core components that would make up the game; and starting to build outwards, fleshing out those core components until I feel they have sufficient depth. The concept game seemed to have a decent amount of game-play with it's limited amount of elements and options; fleshing out these same components to add depth and also adding other elements that might enhance the game-play [Such a During Game-Play Tutorial, Achievements, and Story Journals that characters in your nation write up based on your actions] could give the game the unique feel I was looking for. 

I will continue to try to concentrate my ideas towards these 3 core components - I will add different major components; if I believe it would be beneficial to the game itself!

Until next time,

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