Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Game Maker Progress 7: Improved RRG, Wandering AI and Basic Stats

Hello everyone, 

The project is shaping nicely! I've made a few improvements to the random room generator (RRG) which have improved how well levels are generated. I still have a number of improvements to add - however; one of the more critical ones is the player spawning in a wall, or being spawned in a small corner room unable to exit - so rather problematic issues to say the very least.

In-Game Image

Besides the improvements to the RRG - I have been able to add a wandering AI as well as stats to both the player and the enemy avatars. I still have to create the code to let them engage in combat - however things are shaping up nicely! The game uses a turn-based approach to movement - as you can see in the stats; you have 5 movement points - then you end your turn and the enemy AI carry out their own movement. 

The structure of the game is shaping up nicely! Once I have the base structure of the game functioning well and I believe the time to build on that foundation comes I will begin with switching the graphics, polish the systems and create content! I look forward to bringing you more details!

Until next time,

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