Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Game Maker Progress 24: Larger map and Scrolling

Hello everyone,

Progress on Dawn of Civilization is advancing nicely. I decided to experiment with the idea of creating a larger map and allowing the player to scroll around the map. Based on the feedback I received. I was pleasantly surprised that testing it out was relatively simple and straight forward - I had the system functioning within 10 minutes. Ensuring the interface and UI buttons following the view when I previously assumed the player will remain in a single screen - took a lot longer. However - the result was very well worth it!

At this point - I'm working on having a very basic playable version to get some testing and feedback done. This will help guide the project more specifically towards ensuring that the game provides the user with a fun experience. Especially in terms of the UI itself and where elements are placed and what elements would have been nice to have on hand when taking specific decisions.

I hope that by the end of this week - I will have a small playable prototype to test out! 

Until next time,

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