Sunday, 22 May 2016

Pixel Art 3: Progress Update

Hello everyone,

I have a few more works to show you. I do feel like I am improving, if nothing else I am getting more comfortable with pixel art - but there is definitely areas where I can do much better.

Step by Step of Phalanx Character

These are a number of snippets I took whilst drawing up this character. More or less, I took inspiration from Greek hoplites - particularly Spartans, except I also had Protoss (From Starcraft 2, for any of you that are interested) in mind so I decided to forego the normal skin colour and play with that. 

Outside of this - I also worked on a tile-set I am currently using for a Game Maker project as I learn the ropes. 

Space Tileset
The game is an asteroids-like game though I decided to try out some exploration elements to help practice other parts of the engine such as the View points and coding opportunities that I would likely not meet with the base asteroids game. 

I will write and hopefully upload a version of the game on here later on!

Until then,
see you all next time!

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