Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Notebook Workflow

Hey everyone,

I wanted to talk to you about the workflow system I've been using for my projects (in particular Sky High) that has been working out fairly well for me. The best part is it could be applied in numerous ways - but I found it perfect in my case and it's little more than just a simple notebook, and pen whilst I'm working. 

What I've been doing is simply noting down anything that comes to mind when I'm working on Sky High (or when I'm not but an idea pops up) and then I start ticking things off on a day to day basis! The best part is when I'm done with working on something but I believe I should do some modifications or improve on the work I've done later on - I can simply note it down and and tick the previous entry off. This - together with the blog; adds a lot of progression that helps keep me on track and helps me keep in perspective the work that I've done and that I've yet to do! It can be a major help with motivation - especially when you see a lot of notes getting ticked off or you come back in a month and check how your completed to uncompleted items compare!

I don't think I can stress enough how useful and important notebooks are - and I don't just mean this whilst your working or to keep track of what to do. Ideas often come to us when we are relaxed or just not in a position where we are working - what often happens is we forget the ideas before we even note them down. Which is why I've made it a habit to carry a notebook today - or if I don't have one, I e-mail myself the idea so I can note it later on in my notebook. 

I highly recommend you give it a try - if your not too into the idea of planning ahead for a project; this system is helpful even for you. Simply because you are adding and ticking off items that can be as small as "Fix art bug on player character idle sprite" to as big as "design and test out 3 abilities". Either way - I find that I feel like the project is easier to get done, simply because the project is cut down into small items I can simply keep ticking off and adding what I believe can be beneficial!

Hopefully this has been useful to you and I hope you try it out and it works out well for you!

Until next time,

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