Sunday, 22 May 2016

Pixel Art 4: Improvements

Hello everyone,

I am excited to show off what I have gotten done in the past week or so. I feel an improvement over what I did prior for sure. I feel like I have improved much more in tiles and terrain drawing, character wise there is still some practice I need to do with scaling body parts so they seem natural. Particularly if they are posed in a certain manner.

Grassy Tileset

These are multi-layered tiles, you have the sky and background on a separate layer from the foreground; i.e. the grass and terrain. The tree did come out a little - small; though I think they still fit within the style. I am much prouder with them than I was with any of my earlier attempts at trees that's for sure. 

Into the Cave Pixel Art

This next one started off as an attempt to make a character that has a more natural pose than my usual work. I wanted to give him something to carry - so I went with a torch rather than a staff or a sword; it gives me a reason to work with the lighting and shading some more. After I got the character done I figured why not try to give him a better background? Enter the cave.

This is the first attempt I had on giving a character a background and fit them into it. I chose a cave because it let me isolate the light source to the torch - though I for sure need to improve the background. I feel like the lighting going from light to dark is good - however adding detail on the cave wall and ground would definitely improve the piece.

I look forward to showing you what I work up next!
Until then,


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