Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Book Recommendation: Spelunky by Derek Yu

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I recently finished reading a book by Derek Yu - who is a developer behind Spelunky, and was it a splendid and inspirational read. Derek Yu speaks a fair amount about the experience of bring Spelunky to XBLA and to PC - going through the challenges and triumphs of the story. There was a degree of honesty that I really enjoyed but there was also another aspect of the book that really gave me some inspiration for a project I'm currently working on!

As those of you who read the blog often know - I've been toying with what I nicknamed an RRG - Random Room Generator; part of that inspiration came from Spelunky - and part of it as a challenge for me to try to conquer now that I've gotten a better grasp on coding. Derek Yu speaks a fair bit on the way random generation was used in Spelunky - particularly how the logic and the reasoning went for it. He doesn't show the code mind you - but he does talk about the more important logic and idea behind it. I highly recommend giving the book a read if your curious about Spelunky, random level generation or just simply want the story behind the game! 

Spelunky by Derek Yu

The book is a relatively short read - I finished it in around 2 to 3 weeks or so, but it was a very insightful one which I recommend giving a look at if you haven't already! 

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